Payday Links – Nov 30 2018

Better late than never, this week.

Microsoft Is Worth as Much as Apple. How Did That Happen? – The New York Times – Tortoise and hare analogy?

Ralph Breaks the Internet: how storyboards helped make the movie great – Vox – The importance of laying out your story to put together a great end product

The U.S. Housing Boom Is Coming to an End, Starting in Dallas – WSJ – Dallas is often held up as a positive on job creation, but is supply excessive on housing now?

The Future of Aging Just Might Be in Margaritaville – The New York Times – Strange concept of a retirement community that is coming together in Florida

‘I Was Hoping to Be Retired’: The Cost of Supporting Parents and Adult Children – WSJ – Some really dire and unconventional household/retirement dynamics described in this fascinating WSJ article

Outlook for Traditional TV Goes From Bad to Worse – WSJ – Begs the question… who the hell still pays for cable anymore?

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