Payday Links – October 31 2018

Music Industry Sales over Time – Visual Capitalist – Amazing perspective over decades; the revenue is nowhere close to where it was in 2000

Working Like Crazy May Actually Be, Well, Crazy – WSJ – So many people try to make themselves seem so important by how busy they are

The clocks go back on Sunday, but it should be the last time. Here’s why | WIRED UK – God, why do we do this to ourselves??

The Best Bosses Are Humble Bosses – WSJ – Importance of staying humble as a leader

Ugh, Green Bubbles! Apple’s iMessage Makes Switching to Android Hard – WSJ – Maybe… but is switching phone ecosystems really that hard?

Steak Dinner and Annuities: Retirement Product Surges After Fiduciary Rule’s Demise – WSJ – Disgusting practices; people that peddle this stuff are jerks

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