Payday Links – September 28, 2018

Shoppers Love Rewards Credit Cards. Retailers Hate Them. – WSJ – Rewards are not free; someone has to pay for them

Employers Choose Bonuses Over Raises – WSJ – Something tells me this is not being done with noble intentions by corporate America

When to work: How to optimize your daily schedule for energy, motivation, and focus – Work smarter, not necessarily harder

There Have Never Been So Many Bonds That Are Almost Junk – WSJ – Troubling developments in the composition of corporate bonds

American Farmers Are in Crisis – Eater – tragic situation that is getting worse the heartland

Why Zillow Addicts Can’t Look Away – The New York Times – Ah, the homeowner who constantly marks to market

Trump Promised a Rush of Repatriated Cash, But Company Responses Are Modest – WSJ – is it really surprising?

Frasier at 25: An Oral History | Vanity Fair – very cool article that dives deep into the greatest sitcom of all time